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Please sell Cameras lens

BicCamera. In com, we carry out purchase acceptance of Cameras items such as Digital Camera or Interchangeable Lens.
Please use in future if you have machine parts without plan to use!
Furthermore, it is BicCamera. Order in com; order number of reservation product or product which arrived within the past one month
We are targeted for replacement by purchase when we will add a postscript at the time of application and improve 10% of assessments what!

Product which is targeted for purchase

●Compact Digital Camera

●Digital SLR camera

●Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera Cameras

●Film compact camera

●Film single-lens reflex camera

●Interchangeable Lens

●Large medium Cameras


※Even if it is product targeted for purchase, we may not buy depending on assessment result.

We apply on the Step1 Internet

■Apply than the Internet. ⇒Application is this

Please confirm before application

・We have need that name of "applicant" "person confirmation documents" "transfer account" accords for purchase.
Visitor younger than 18 years cannot use delivery to home purchase. You have you propose toward the protector, or please use store purchase.

Please prepare before application
Person confirmation documents (from copy of resident's card original (issuance less than three months))
Copy is not available.
We can issue copy of resident's card in convenience store by area to live. Specifically, please confirm in HP of the local local government to live.
※Please send thing without permanent address, mention of my number after preparation.
※Please send all without taking off when the plural number of sheets turns off stapler, and they are done.
・Please enclose thing which printed out copy of receipt, statement of delivery or shipment email, purchase history screen in the case of sale with unopened article. We close X

We pack Step2 purchase product and send out

■You pack purchase product, and please send out.

Please confirm before application

・We would like packing severely not to be damaged during transport.
・Please fill out the remarks column of invoice (tag) with "purchase hope".
・Please send out by prepayment.
※Please note that you do not accept C.O.D.
・Please bundle person confirmation documents.
※Enter envelopes and, after "the purchase documents living-in-inside" and mention, can perform documents confirmation smoothly when we have you put on the article. We close X

Please send out to the following addresses

BicCamera Ikebukuro East Camera Store
1-1-3, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
8F used Cameras purchase charge
Tel: 03-3988-0002

Step3 amount of money assessment

■Assessment, notification

  • Article will inform assessment result by email within three days after arrival. We confirm assessment amount of money, and please tell purchase decision or cancellation.
  • We do transfer arrangement to bank account of designation that had you fill out application form when we will buy.
    ※We bear transfer fee.

The Step4 receipt of money

■Please confirm payment amount of money.

Point to sell highly

We prepare all vanity case, the accessories
When vanity case is short, in the case of limited model and commemorative model, we become a target of reduction in price.
In addition, we become a target of reduction in price even if accessories such as instruction manual and cable, AC adapter are short.

We clean neatly
Let's remove fingerprint and dirt, dust neatly.

BicCamera. By shopping in com, assessment improves (replacement by purchase)
At the time of purchase application, assessment 10% improve when we will list order number of reservation product or product which arrived within the past one month!
※It is limited to order number of product of category same as product of category listed in product targeted for the purchase mentioned above.

We propose early
Purchase market price always fluctuates, and sell new product at a high price and fall down as day passes after it was released.
In addition, we tend to largely withdraw when new models of series product announce and are released.

It is application for purchase right now!

If you have any questions, please refer to the following.

Inquiry over telephone: 03-3988-0002
Time in: From 10:00 to 21:00 (always without holiday)

Inquiry by email: camera-chuko-bic@biccamera .com

Reply to inquiry and assessment result,
[chuko-camera@biccamera .com]
As we contact more, I would like reception setting so that it is not assigned to unwanted e-mails.

Tokyo Public Safety Commission permission 305509603576th-005 BIC CAMERA INC.